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Health Care in Thailand

Can I get good quality health care in Thailand?

You can get excellent quality health care in Thailand. Thailand is home to world-class hospitals and medical facilities available to international visitors at very affordable prices.

In fact, one of the fastest growing segments in the Thai economy is the provision of health care services to international visitors. In 2007, it is estimated that Thai hospitals treated 1.5 million international patients. Most use one of Thailand’s 344 private hospitals with a few of the most internationally recognized accounting for most of these patient visits. For example, Bumrungrad in Bangkok, generally regarded as Thailand’s premier medical facility, treated 430,000 international patients in 2006.

The quality of health care in Thailand is so high that many international visitors travel to Thailand specifically for the purposes of the medical treatment. This is now so significant that it has spawned an entirely new term; “medical tourism”.

What are the costs?

Much lower than the US and Europe. For example, the average cost of a knee replacement in the US is $40,000; at Bumrungrad in Bangkok, the cost is $10,000.

What are other advantages of getting medical care in Thailand?

Zero waiting time.

For most public health care systems in Europe and other western countries, the main problem is the waiting time. For example:

  • England - average waiting time for hip and knee replacements is presently 11 and 12 months respectively.
  • Canada - average waiting time for an MRI test is 10 weeks.

At the major private hospitals in Bangkok, there is no waiting time for these procedures. And after your procedure, you can relax at a beach resort while undertaking physiotherapy.

What are the best hospitals?

Bangkok has the best hospitals, and the best of these are generally regarded as being:

Find out more – To find out more about more health care in Thailand, contact us today.

Foreign visitors and retirees can access Thailand's world-class health care facilities

One the big advantages of health care in Thailand is that there is no waiting time for treatment at the private hospitals