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Easy Buy Condo Financing

Condo Financing Made Easy

Purchasing a luxury SeaRidge condominium just became even easier with our Easy Buy financing program.

  • Get 6 year financing covering 50% of the cost of one our beautiful Palmyra condominiums (112 m2 / 1,205 ft2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Make easy monthly payments
  • Earn attractive rental income through our SeaRidge Managed Rental Program to help offset your monthly payments

Prices start at only 5.4 million baht, just 48,200 baht per m2. With Easy Buy, your down payment on one of our THB 5.4 million condos is just 2.7 million baht. You then finance the remaining 2.7 million baht and repay it over 6 years.

SeaRidge is well under construction so you can move in this year. And with Easy Buy, you can move into your own luxury Hua Hin condo built to the highest standards for as little as 2.7 million baht.

How Easy Buy Works

Let's look at the purchase of a 5.4 million baht Palmyra condo to see how Easy Buy works:

Step 1: Deposit - Choose your condo and secure it with a deposit of 100,000 baht.

Step 2: Down Payment - Make down payment of 2.6 million baht (50% of purchase price less the deposit).

Step 3: Monthly Payments - Make monthly payments for 6 years based on current Minimum Retail Rate (Thailand's prime lending rate). Current payment would be just 47,300 baht per month.

You can reduce your monthly payments by renting out your condo when you aren't using it. Enroll in our SeaRidge Managed Rental Program and you'll earn attractive income from your condo.

We've prepared an information package that tells you all about Easy Buy. Click here to request it and we'll e-mail you a copy.